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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to bring a partner or a date?

No, you don't need to bring a partner or a date.

Lots of people come stag. As usual with such events, there tend to be few more women than men, so ladies would be well advised not to wait to be asked, but to feel free to ask gentlemen to dance.

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Do you serve Food?

We serve complementary light refreshments (cookies, water, lemonade). We suggest you dine before you come to the ball.

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How do I join the Social Daunce Irregulars?

You don't.

There are no dues, there is no membership, there is no newsletter. We are just a bunch of folks who like to get together three times a year and put on a ball. You can get on our mailing list though by typing your email in the box on the left menu bar of this page.

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Do you have a photographer?

Somtimes we have a photographer, and sometimes we don't. We suggest you bring your own camera.

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Can I put out fliers for my event or business?

We strongly encourage our guests to put out fliers for vintage dance, ballroom dance, folk dance or history related events (to include classes) at the ball and we have a designated flier table in the refreshment room for that specific purpose. We also permit fliers from businesses offering costuming supplies or other services which are specific to the vintage dance and historical reenactment community.

We don't permit non history or dance related commercial advertisements on our table, such as travel packages, chiropractors etc.

However, even if you do fit our criteria, we require you to check with us beforehand when you wish to put out your fliers. You can ask at the front table as you enter the ball, or you can confirm before the ball by sending an E-Mail

We reserve the right to unceremoniously throw away any fliers we find on the table which we deem to be inappropriate.

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How many people come to a ball?

We sell out at around 275 people

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Our Ticket Policy

  • If we sell out, we do not maintain a waiting list, and we absolutely discourage people coming to the door hoping to take advantage of a last minute cancellation. If we have sold out, and you would like to find tickets, we suggest you check our Facebook page and pehaps post a note indicating your interest (Go to our Facebook page) .
  • We do not offer refunds or roll overs to future events. If you are unable to attend, we suggest you post a note on our Facebook page offering to sell or give away your tickets.(Go to our Facebook page)
  • If you transfer your tickets, contact the Social Daunce Irregulars and let them know about the change
  • We have no children's discounts. While we have no minimum age, we do not encourage children to attend, and any who do must comport themselves as adults and pay the adult rate.
  • We do not offer any special "non-dancer's" rate. Everyone who attends, whether they elect to dance or not, must pay the full rate.