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The Montebello - A Victorian Contra Dance  


The Montebello

Printer-friendly dance notes

From The Montebello Quadrille- Figure Two as found in “Gems of the Ball Room”(1896).

Reconstructed by J. Bissiri

  • Forward and back 8 counts
  • Half Ladies chain 8 counts
  • Forward and back 8 counts
  • Gentlemen crossover 8 counts
  • Balance to partners and turn two hands 16 counts
  • Chasse croisse and turn opposite halfway 8 counts
  • Chasse croisee and turn opposite halfway 8 counts
  • Forward and back 8 counts
  • Half Right and Left 8 counts
  • Forward and back 8 counts
  • Pass Through 8 counts

Notes: The set up for this dance is similar to an improper Contra Dance format. The A’s face the B’s and the dance is danced like that up and down the line. Gentlemen crossover (change places) by the right shoulder. Balance to partners by stepping to the right twice then the left and then turn partners two hands around (this is the same as in Sicilian Circle). The chasse croisse is done with four sliding steps (gents to the right passing behind the ladies and ladies to the left passing in front of the gents). Then turn your opposite with two hands halfway around. Then repeat the chasse croisse on the opposite side in the same manner and turn your opposite two hands halfway again back to your original place.