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The Rats Quadrille  


Rats Quadrille
As found in Elias Howe (1862). Reconstructed by Susan DeGuardiola
This dance sets up in the traditional quadrille form.

(Print-friendly notes)

Figure One

Rights and Lefts -- 16 counts
Balance to partners then turn
Two hands -- 16 counts
Ladies Chain -- 16 counts
Promenade across and back 16 counts

Notes: Danced by Head Couples then Sides. All repeats twice.

Figure Three

Lady#1 and Gent#2:
Forward and Back-- 8 counts
Turn by the right hand ¾ way
Around and back up to the sides-- 8 counts

Side 6:
Forward and back-- 8 counts
Active couple cross by the right shoulder-- 8 counts
Circle to the left 6 hands around-- 16 counts
Forward and back-- 8 counts

Lady#1 and Gent#2 turn
Partners two hands to place-- 8 counts

Notes: The dance repeats Lady#2 and Gent#1, Lady#3 and Gent#4, Lady#4 and Gent#3
Active couple turns ¾ way around and backs up in to place between the side couple that was on their right (so Lady#1 will be with couple#3 and Gent#2 with couple#4). The gent will always have farther to go, the lady is always closest to her side. The side 6 now dance. The active couple cross by the right shoulder to change places. At the end of this section and to close the figure, the active couples turn their own partner two hands.

Figure Five

Head couples promenade to the couple on
Their right and balance with them-- 8 counts
All take hands with opposite person
And chasse for 4 away from partner-- 4 counts
Turn two hands half way around and
Form lines so everyone is facing partners-- 4 counts
Rights and lefts-- 16 counts
Ladies Chain-- 16 counts
All forward and back-- 8 counts
All forward and turn partners two hands
To place and form the quadrille-- 8 counts
Ladies Grand Chain-- 16 counts
All Promenade to place-- 16 counts

Notes: Danced by the Head Couples as actives then the Side Couples.
Active couples promenade to the couple on the right in 4 counts (not a lot of time) then (dropping hands)balance with them for 4 (step forward and close back and close). Then all take two hands with opposite person (so temporarily not dancing with your partner) and chasse for 4 away from partners (small steps). Then with this temporary new partner, turn two hands half way around and open up forming lines so everyone is facing their original partner across the set. From here dancing in two parallel sets (couple#1 dancing with couple#3 and couple#2 dancing with couple#4), the Rights and Lefts and Ladies Chain is done. This orientation ends with couples turning two hands to place and forming the quadrille (lead partner while turning to place). The ladies then perform a grand chain (grand right and left with active ladies going to the left- clockwise), then all promenade. The promenade has just enough music to do this as a walk.